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 I started sketching and painting with watercolor early in life as a way to understand the world. At the age of ten, I went with my mother, who was an architecture student, on a study trip to Italy. Mother's professor explained to his students: 

-It is not enough to photograph what you see. To understand your surroundings, its shapes and its volume, you must sketch what you see. That way you will stop and think about the shapes and after a while you will understand what you see. Then you will remember. What you see in such a way will be a part of you for the rest of your lives. This sank deep into my 10-year-old soul. After that trip, I always had a sketchbook in my pocket.

For a long time, when I worked as a composer of music for theater, I did not paint much. Now I paint again. Sketch and paint as much as I can. 

And the professor was right. Sketching and painting help me to see and understand the world in many different ways.  

Photo: Tone Lileng

Malin Redvall Målar _ Tone Lileng_edited.jpg
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